ORLANDO, Fla. - Victaulic’s booth at the AHR Expo is featuring circuit balancing products. Victaulic coil components, TA differential pressure controller, and TA and Victaulic balancing valves eliminate fluctuations in temperature, eliminate occupant complaints and costly remedies, and optimize energy efficiency in buildings, the company says. The products allow accurate control of building temperatures while optimizing energy efficiency by providing precise flow to the coils.

Victaulic’s couplings have no loose parts and do not require disassembly prior to installation. According to the company, they feature the same high-performance capabilities as existing standard grooved couplings, but install in half the time. The line includes the Style 009H, Style 607, Style 177 and the 109H.

The Advanced Groove System (AGS) is said to be the strongest and most reliable grooved mechanical pipe joining system for 14-60 inch/350-1,525 mm diameter pipe. Unlike four-piece couplings, these assemble in two pieces for added installation ease.