The iComfort™ is a Web-enabled central thermostat management system that is based on the company’s fully featured thermostat product line and Autani’s HVAC energy management technology. The system enables multiple thermostats to be wirelessly networked throughout a building or home and provides an easy-to-use Web-based dashboard for programming, monitoring, and control. In addition to incorporating energy consumption monitoring and reporting into the product, the thermostat management system can be easily upgraded to Autani’s full, smart grid-ready energy management systems. The system can be used for retrofits, with no communication wires to run. Installation involves replacing existing thermostats with the iComfort™ communicating thermostats, connecting the central thermostat manager to the Internet, and configuring zones and settings. The manager is compatible with most commercial and residential HVAC systems, and provides remote access and control of up to 1,000 thermostats simultaneously. Multiple security levels of access enable separate contractor, owner, and occupant views and control.

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