WennSoft CRM Extensions built on Powertrak™ customer relationship management software can help field service and construction organizations improve the way they manage customer information and develop relationships in the marketplace. It seamlessly integrates the functionality and power of two robust products: WennSoft CRM Extensions and Axonom Powertrak. It offers the company’s users exceptional functionality as well as enhanced visibility of their customers’ attributes and financial information through both interfaces of Microsoft’s customer relationship management solution: Microsoft Dynamics® CRM for Outlook and Microsoft Dynamics CRM Web Client. Organizations can use CRM extensions to gain a 360-degree view of their customers by using the location dashboard. This tool will increase productivity and service, and create additional sales opportunities by enabling organizations to see service-call details, equipment location, maintenance contracts, job summaries, quote summaries, and customer contacts. The integration gives an organization’s sales representatives easy access to customer information, helping them perform their jobs more effectively. It enables users to view essential information including customer location, open jobs, customer invoicing, and customer receivables.

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