FOUNTAIN VALLEY, Calif. - Noritz America Corp., a major manufacturer of tankless water heaters, has launched the Noritz Commercial Department, which will consist of regional teams of commercial professionals to assist with retrofitting and new commercial projects, according to Yoshi Asano, Noritz America senior marketing manager. The commercial department will help plumbing engineers, architects, and mechanical contractors with sizing and system design for its new modular commercial systems.

Asano stated that the sole focus of the commercial division’s technical experts is to “assist businesses in the switch to tankless, whether it’s converting their existing system to our more energy-efficient method or setting up their business with our new Noritz Modular System commercial line.”

According to the company, the Noritz Modular System is a precise and energy-efficient method of heating water for commercial projects, which is based on a single, self-contained, interchangeable unit that can combine and communicate with like units to meet any hot water demand. With a multi-system application, Noritz units can be linked together for outputs up to 9.1 million Btuh and 316 gallons per minute. The fully modulating technology is said to ensure the units use only the energy necessary to heat the water. Plus, in a multi-system setup, the Noritz commercial units will communicate with one another and work in unison to even out the load on each individual unit, to help maximize output and system life.

“With the Noritz Modular System, commercial outlets can now realize the same advantages that millions of consumers have experienced by switching to a Noritz tankless water heater,” said Asano.

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Publication date:03/22/2010