BATH, U.K. - Quidos has announced that for the first time since its development it will be providing free access to its specialist AIRS software to a/c assessors belonging to all accreditation schemes. AIRS is an a/c report generation software package that allows assessors to create and store reports in an online system.

Until now, AIRS had been exclusively available to members of the Quidos Air Conditioning Energy Assessor accreditation scheme. However with the need for increased efficiency, consistency, and reliability in the industry, the decision has been made to widen access to this software. The online basis of the system allows accreditation schemes to monitor the reports being generated by assessors more easily, resulting in heightened quality control across the spectrum.

Designed by the company’s software arm, Quidos International, in conjunction with experts in the engineering arena, AIRS allows reports to be created onsite and stored online, allowing easy viewing access for assessors and clients alike. When ordering an inspection, clients can input the necessary pre-inspection data directly into the online system, enabling an even more streamlined and efficient service call. While the license to use the software is free, and all assessors will have completely free access to create, review, and amend draft reports, there will be a small fee payable when the final report is completed and downloaded.

“To enable us to sustain the working capabilities of AIRS and to provide technical management of the software and practical support to its users, a small fee is unavoidable,” said Luke Shepperd, accreditation manager, Quidos. “However, the fact that this fee is only payable upon completion of a report means that if you don’t use the software, you don’t pay a penny.”

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Publication date:09/14/2009