A new version of the PT250 pressure transmitter has been developed. It is designed specifically for installation in heat pump systems. Incorporating a piezo-resistive sense element, these extremely rugged, all-welded, 304L stainless steel constructed devices have an integral pipe pressure connection that is welded at the pressure source. The PT250 is compatible with the following heat pump systems: air-to-air, air-to-water, water-to-water, water-to-air, ground-to-water, and ground-to-air. Pressure ranges for the sensor are available from 0-100 through 0-5,000 psi (0-6 through 0-400 bar). Operating on a supply voltage of 9 to 32vdc, the transmitters provide a 4-20mA linear analog output that is proportional to pressure. The operating temperature range is 5 to 185°F (-15 to 85ºC).

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