WOODBRIDGE, N.J. - EarthSure has announced a new patent-pending invention, WindAir™, a system that it says transforms the exhaust air from central air conditioning units into a source of free electricity.

According to the company, the WindAir system uses the warm air from the exhaust of a traditional air conditioning condensing unit and drives it into a secondary fan turbine system. This secondary system has an electric-generating mechanism that transforms the wind flow into free energy which is inverted into the electric meter of the home or office building.

EarthSure said this energy has the capability to reduce the increase in electricity used by the air conditioning system by generating enough electricity to send it back to the meter, thereby turning the air conditioning unit into a “sub-power station.”

The WindAir converter system can be incorporated into any existing air conditioning condensing unit or built into a new unit, says the company. The technology can be utilized with residential and commercial air conditioning systems.

The WindAir’s “shroud” design captures the exhaust air from the condensing unit and funnels it in a concentrated fashion to maximize electrical output. The shroud design also absorbs and minimizes the a/c unit’s operational sound.

In addition, the shroud protects the inside components of outdoor units from exposure to the elements and helps keep out leaves and foreign debris.

For more information, visit www.earth-sure.com.

Publication date:09/14/2009