The AXTC fiberglass tubular in-line centrifugal fan features the design advantages of an axial fan with the airflow and pressure capabilities of a centrifugal fan, says the company. The fan offers several standard configuration options for duct (horizontal or vertical) or roof mounting. Accessibility for maintenance is easily accommodated with its “split-casing” housing. A specially designed nonoverloading backward inclined airfoil wheel allows air to flow with a minimum of turbulence and losses. This results in higher efficiencies and lower sound levels. The tubular fan has an inner cylinder or chamber, rigidly constructed to support the fan sheaves, shaft, and bearings, which are completely out of the airstream. Both the wheel and casing are manufactured with high-quality corrosion-resistant resins and fiberglass reinforced. This design has no metal in the airstream, for corrosion resistance and long life in corrosive atmospheres. The entire AXTC line of 12 fans, from 18-60 inches, is licensed to bear the Air Movement and Control Association Certified Ratings Seal for Air and Sound Performance.

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