The American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE) announced that the ASHRAE Handbook is now available online to allow for quick and easy access.

“The advantages of the ASHRAE Handbook Online are numerous,” said Dennis O’Neal, 2009-10 chair of the ASHRAE Handbook Committee. “For one, the text is fully searchable and includes live links to figures, tables, footnotes, equations, and other Web references. Going online also allows for fast navigation among all four current Handbook volumes, with live cross-reference links.”

An ASHRAE Handbook Online subscription provides immediate access to Handbook content, in contrast to the two weeks required for the shipping of the CD; requires no software installation; eliminates dependency on one computer by allowing for quick and easy access from any computer with an Internet connection; and costs considerably less than the price of purchasing each volume separately, offering a $331 savings for non-members.

“This helps ASHRAE position its publishing program for customer expectations in the digital age,” O’Neal said. “Additionally, having the Handbook online opens it to members globally and makes ASHRAE information more readily available.”

To subscribe to the ASHRAE Handbook Online, visit Additional information may be found at

Publication date:11/16/2009