Al D’ambola of Al D’ambola Associates

Helpful items can come in small packages. “Many technicians have a hard time learning in the classroom environment. Therefore they often don’t implement as much of what they are exposed to in the classroom as they could. This pocket guide helps them go into the field with the confidence they need to pinpoint problems immediately,” said Al D’Ambola, president of D’Ambola Associates.

D’Ambola has been a salesman, a technician, and a top-notch trainer in the field of air diagnostics-balancing and troubleshooting for both residential and commercial buildings. Now, he has taken those years of experience to create not only a new air diagnostic-balancing company but also the Pocket Guide for Residential Duct Systems. The sturdy 9-page pocket guide was developed to help the field technician and installer become more proficient at identifying problems on the airside of the system.

The guide explains how to diagnose airflow, evaluate ducting, and determine the cause of high utility costs and unacceptable comfort issues. Henry Sterling, an Avon, Ohio, HVAC contractor said, “This pocket guide is perfect. I’ve never seen anything as easy to follow in the field.”

The guide provides a step-by-step question and answer format for the technician or installer to follow. Air diagnostics made easy is D’Ambola’s goal for the new troubleshooting guide.

“After conducting more than 250 residential and light-commercial air balancing /air diagnostic seminars and fielding thousands of technical support telephone calls and e-mails over the years, I have found these are some of the fundamental tests and processes that every HVAC professional needs to know,” said D’Ambola.

This new 9-page pocket guide is to help installers and technicians take the mystery out of air balancing an HVAC system.

In addition to the new pocket guide, D’Ambola Associates is developing a unique remote sales management program for the HVAC industry. Based upon his prior sales experience and a three-step program he had successfully implemented in another industry, D’Ambola has launchedRemote Sales Managerfor companies that never seem to have enough time to manage the sales team. The program involves a follow-up call to customers the day following a sales call, a follow-up call to the salesperson, and a follow-up call to the owner for a final critique and developmental plan.

D’Ambola said in his Newark, N.J., style, “You had better support your salespeople, especially after investing in sales training. Now the HVAC owner must become a professional sales manager. Unfortunately, most HVAC companies are not set up to manage their salespeople. Sometimes you have to love ’em, sometimes you have to smack ’em, but you better be in contact with ’em.”

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Publication date:05/11/2009