DALLAS - With the beginning of the summer cooling season, Lennox Industries is presenting a guide to HVAC Energy Retrofit Programs to help businesses determine if reducing operational expenses is possible, including energy needs and repair costs associated with aging equipment. According to the company, retailers, restaurants, and office building owners can expect an immediate reduction in HVAC-related energy costs - up to 40 percent - by implementing an HVAC Energy Retrofit Program that includes installing high-efficiency equipment in existing buildings.

Lennox has included a list of evaluation questions to help determine if an energy retrofit will benefit a customer. The questions include: Is the building’s HVAC equipment 12 to 15 years old; are energy costs high; does the equipment need repairs; can multiple units be replaced at once; is immediate positive cash flow desired; is the building uncomfortable; and does the old unit use R-22 refrigerant?

“Answering ‘yes’ to these questions indicates that savings can result from an HVAC Energy Retrofit,” said the company.

Contact a Lennox representative to learn more about HVAC Energy Retrofit Programs and the associated savings. For more information, visit www.lennox.com.

Publication date:05/25/2009