GERMANTOWN, Md. - Telkonet Inc., a developer and manufacturer of proprietary energy management and smart grid networking technology, and Lutron Electronics Co. Inc., a leading designer and manufacturer of lighting controls, announced that they are working together to offer a single solution that provides fully integrated in-room, occupancy-based HVAC energy management and lighting control for the hospitality industry, supplying property management with a single-source energy efficiency platform.

According to the companies, with HVAC and lighting representing over 70 percent of a hotel’s average energy usage, a single-source, fully-integrated solution would enable property management to more easily adopt a comprehensive energy management strategy, realizing significant cost advantages by streamlining purchasing, installation, and support from one vendor.

The Connected Guestroom offering including Telkonet is part of the newly launched Lutron Hospitality Solution as an option within the integrated hospitality portfolio. Michael Linck, strategic relationships - hospitality at Lutron, said, “We are pleased to have Telkonet’s energy management products available as an integrated HVAC component to our hospitality solutions. We look forward to the continued development of our complementary, integrated solutions to enhance the guest experience and deliver operational efficiencies to hospitality properties.”

Jason Tienor, Telkonet’s president and chief executive officer, added, “Telkonet’s and Lutron’s common goal is to deliver tangible energy savings to property management through technology innovation. Our solutions are based on comparable technologies, with interchangeable occupancy sensors that control heating, air conditioning, and lighting, eliminating wasted energy consumption when rooms are unoccupied. Our two companies have undertaken extensive mutual product testing, highlighting the synergy between our technologies. We look forward to continuing our integration efforts as this solution evolves.”

With Telkonet Smart Energy™ (TSE), energy savings are realized by deploying intelligent, programmable Telkonet Energy Management Thermostats and Energy Management Controllers. These adjust and maintain a room’s temperature according to occupancy, avoiding wasting energy through the unnecessary heating or cooling of vacant rooms. According to Telkonet, central to TSE’s efficiency is the company’s Recovery Time™ technology, which adjusts each room’s temperature based on a variety of different factors, calculating how far it can drift from the occupant’s preferred temperature setting. Unlike fixed setback systems, it is said to ensure that the temperature returns to the occupant’s setting within minutes upon their return, maintaining guest comfort while providing maximum energy efficiency. Additionally, the system helps reduce the run-time for HVAC equipment, decreasing maintenance overhead and extending the equipment’s working life.

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Publication date:07/06/2009