MILWAUKEE - A new chemical formulation and delivery system created by Prolitec Inc. can be programmed to sanitize the air continuously or during specific times of day throughout HVAC ducts and occupied enclosed spaces, with applications including homes, medical facilities, schools, long-term care facilities, health clubs, hotels, theaters, and gaming facilities. Prolitec, which has filed preliminary patent applications for the key processes, is unveiling the new formulation and delivery system at the International Air-Conditioning, Heating, Refrigerating Exposition (AHR Expo) in Chicago.

The new air-sanitizing agent, called ARIA™, won U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) registration in November, says the company. It works in tandem with Prolitec’s existing family of Air/Q ambient-scenting and odor-control systems, which already are used in the hospitality, gaming, and retail sectors. In addition, ARIA will also be available for the home via a soon-to-be-announced version of Air/Q that Prolitec custom-designed for residential use. Because of its ability to continually sanitize the air within enclosed spaces, the company says, ARIA is of interest to HVAC professionals for continuously cleaning the air in ducts and to proprietors of any type of facility where airborne odor-causing bacteria and mold may thrive.

“ARIA and an Air/Q appliance provide a simple-to-use, cost-effective system to continuously sanitize the air we breathe,” said Richard Weening, chairman and CEO of Milwaukee-based Prolitec. “This is a real first, and we believe it is reasonable to call it a breakthrough. What is more, the EPA registration verifies our claims about what ARIA can do.

“ARIA is effective in a wide range of spaces from very small to very large,” he continued. The product uses Prolitec’s HVAC-mounted system for homes and larger commercial spaces, while the company’s table-top, wall, or ceiling mounted units can serve individual rooms up to 20,000 cubic feet. ARIA is said to kill airborne mold and fungal spores circulating within HVAC systems, and help prevent them from spreading within the home or building. Available in odorless or scented versions, the company says ARIA is invisible, leaving no surface deposits.

According to Prolitec, the computer-controlled Air/Q system works by converting the ARIA formulation into non-toxic, micro-droplets less than 1/100th the diameter of a human hair to instantly create a sanitizing vapor throughout the enclosed space. ARIA is packaged in tamper-proof, recyclable cartridges that are easily inserted into the installed Air/Q appliance, and changed periodically by the user in the home or office, or by Prolitec service technicians in large commercial facilities.

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Publication date:01/26/2009