Best Contractors Take the Gold: The winners of The NEWS’ 2008 Best Contractors To Work For contest include (from top left) Jim Whitescarver, Commercial Express HVAC Inc.; Rich Morgan, Magic Touch Mechanical Inc.; Brian Otte, Neal Harris Service Experts; John Cloutier, Nordic Mechanical Services Ltd.; and Marshall Putman, Pro-Air Services Inc.

The NFL Pro Bowl team is made up of Peyton Manning, Adrian Peterson, and Ray Lewis. The HVACR Pro Bowl team is made up of Jim Whitescarver, Rich Morgan, Brian Otte, John Cloutier, and Marshall Putman. What does it mean to be a Pro Bowl player? It is being the best of the best by helping build and maintain a winning tradition. It is also developing a “culture” of winning.

That is whyThe NEWS’Best Contractors to Work For winners are Pro Bowl players. Each HVAC contractor has built a winning team of employees through many different avenues, including the traditional methods such as good wages/benefits, educational opportunities, career advancements, and a friendly “family-type” work environment. But this year’s winners have gone above and beyond these methods by enhancing each one or adding some new ones, ones that have helped them to achieve success in hiring and retaining employees.

The winners, selected by region, include: Magic Touch Mechanical, West Region; Pro-Air Services Inc., South Region; Commercial Express HVAC Inc., East Region; Neal Harris Service Experts, North Central Region; and Nordic Mechanical Services Ltd., Canada Region.

Each contractor, like a Pro Bowl player, is a true champion to all of the people in its organization. For more on the Best Contractor to Work For winners, see the following stories in this issue: 

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Publication date:01/26/2009