The Signature Series’ Precision Comfort Control (PCC) is a self-contained, LEED®-qualifying-design air conditioner for precision air comfort in office buildings, hospitals, hotels, museums, schools, and other commercial applications. It uses R-410A refrigerant and ranges in size from 10-140 tons. Free-Cool is a true glycol-cooled system that uses cool outside air when temperatures fall below 60°F. The PCC can be engineered for buildings with chilled-water systems capable of supplying room load conditions, but aren’t operating year-round. The PCC automatically switches to onboard DX cooling once its internal thermostat senses a loss of chilled water. The unit uses DX cooling with a choice of either air, water, glycol-cooled, or dedicated chilled-water systems for heat rejection. According to the manufacturer, the multiple electronically commutated motor can cut energy use by up to 30 percent versus conventional fan/blower systems, plus provide reliability and redundancy. Multiple air filtration options allow engineers to specify air purification needed for particulates, gases, and airborne infectious diseases.

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