LOS GATOS, Calif. - Akeena Solar, a leading designer and installer of solar systems, has announced the completion of seven commercial projects with many using the company’s lightweight and non-penetrating Andalay Flat Roof system.

“Considering the electricity costs associated with running a business and the rebates available, solar is a win-win kind of deal,” said Sandy Frazen, president of Creative Labels, a manufacturer of a wide variety of labels in Gilroy who recently installed the Andalay Flat Roof solar power system. “We are cutting our electricity bill, and the Andalay Flat Roof system installed quickly and easily, without any disruptions to our business. My employees and I feel great about the steps we’re taking to be green and energy efficient. It’s simply the right decision, and the timing is right from a business perspective.”

Recently completed, the 200-panel installation on Creative Label’s rooftop is the largest installation in Gilroy. Akeena’s six other commercial installations are scattered throughout the Bay Area and Central Valley, and in total the seven projects will provide nearly 235 kW of solar power and reduce carbon dioxide by 269 tons a year - the equivalent to taking 1,500 cars off the road.

“Solar fits in perfectly with our mission - we are always trying to teach our members to be good stewards of the earth and to be more efficient with our resources,” said Pastor Randy Pabst of Bethel Lutheran Church in Cupertino. “Three years ago we wanted to make a move to be more green, and started with small steps. When we considered the generous rebates available and that we could save around $1,200 a month in energy costs by installing a solar system, it made sense for us to make a big switch.”

Bethel Church’s 150-panel system will generate 25 kW of solar electricity, and it will provide a learning opportunity for the 160 children who attend the church’s school. And in San Jose, another school is getting on the solar bandwagon. The Harker School is cutting its electricity bills with the help of the 54-panel, 9 kW system Akeena Solar recently installed.

Steve Daniel, executive vice president of sales and marketing for Akeena Solar, said, “The lightweight, non-penetrating panels install quickly and incorporate Andalay solar panels that deliver built-in reliability, resulting in optimum performance. We’ve minimized both the structural impact and the time spent on the rooftop, making the system perfect for flat-roofed buildings. And with the rebates currently available to businesses, it makes bottom-line sense for companies to switch to solar.”

Akeena’s other California solar commercial installations include a 56 kW system for Harris Construction in Fresno; a 25kW system for Le Cache Premium Wine Cabinets in Cotati; a 14kW system for Pacific Properties in Rocklin; and a 7kW system for Bikram Yoga Napa Valley in Napa Valley.

For more information, visit www.akeena.com.

Publication date:12/22/2008