The T-Class™ large split systems help simplify replacement jobs for increased productivity and profitability due to its full assembled and easily installed construction, said the company. Designed for flexible, horizontal or vertical installation-and with compact indoor units no more than 30” wide to fit through standard 32” doorways-the new T-Class split systems provide a wide range of configurations for most applications. The expanded line features 6- to 20-ton air conditioners, heat pumps, and air handlers designed to work together to provide higher performance and efficiency to help businesses reduce operational costs. Every system features non-chlorine-containing R-410A refrigerant. The new T-Class Large Split Systems line includes: auto tension belt drives for a longer belt life with reduced maintenance; factory-installed, high-static drive options for flexibility with applications and duct designs; slide-out blower motors and four-side access on indoor units for convenient servicing; removable, easy-to-clean plastic drain pans that resist corrosion; and optional 5” MERV 10/16 filtration and UVC lights to keep coils clean and improve indoor air quality. A variety of field- and factory-installed options are available, including electric heat; hot water coil heating; economizers; coil guards; hail guards; and return air grilles.

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