T-Class™ rooftop units from Lennox are engineered for true performance and durability, helping create a better indoor environment, said the company. Evenly divided multiple-compressor circuits can be staged for just the right amount of heating and cooling, preventing temperature swings and keeping employees and customers comfortable, while using just the amount of energy required. With capacities from 2 to 25 tons, and efficiencies up to 11.0 EER, these units provide excellent value and a wide range of options. Thermal expansion valves offer better cooling and dehumidification over the entire application range for improved comfort. Factory- or field-installed economizers minimize mechanical cooling hours and save energy by using outdoor air when applicable. T-Class units feature durable construction and heavy-gauge galvanized steel cabinets with two layers of paint for rust and corrosion protection. Easy-access features such as a slide-out blower deck (available on 7.5- to 25-ton units) were developed to reduce costs associated with service.

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