Joe Hlavacek, director of marketing for Arzel, demonstrates the CoolMizer all-in-one economizer/fresh air intake system.

CHICAGO - Zoning products continue to make inroads for both comfort and efficiency, as seen in the products at this year’s AHR Expo.

Arzel( introduced its CoolMizer, an all-in-one economizer/fresh air intake designed for residential and light commercial package and split systems. Built-in sensors measure outdoor temperature and humidity, and then the system provides control based on adjustable decision points.

The system’s features include fully programmable temperature and humidity settings, interface with exhaust air products (range hood, bath fan) via relay, and adjustable minimum ventilation settings (time based). According to Joe Hlavacek, director of marketing, the control panel checks conditions from the thermostat, then opens or closes dampers for appropriate levels of outside air. The dual-purpose damper provides the benefits of free air conditioning and ventilation.

Honeywell ( offered a new take on zoning with its Portable Comfort Control, part of the Prestige comfort system, which senses temperature wherever it goes. The control doesn’t replace the existing thermostat; rather, it works with the Wireless FocusPRO® thermostat. Homeowners can carry the portable control to whatever room they are uncomfortable in, to either adjust the thermostat or sense and change the temperature in that room.

The control is suitable for the home office, nursery, bonus room, and for people who aren’t able to easily get up to adjust the thermostat. The control displays both outdoor temperature and humidity. And with zoning, the new control can be used to change the set temperature in any zone in the house, from anywhere in the house.

ZoneFirst’s ( new outlet zone dampers are said to be ideal for applications where a zone damper can’t be installed in the duct; it’s installed in the outlet. It offers quiet operation, plug-in motor wiring, and the control of up to 10 outlets per zone. The company said the product is available in all outlet sizes; they are inserted into the rectangular or square opening.

Publication Date: 0216/2009