CHICAGO - Ease of installation and ease of service are prime features of benefit to HVAC contractors and technicians. So it’s no surprise that, at the 2009 International Air-Conditioning, Heating, Refrigerating Exposition (AHR Expo), manufacturers of unit heaters, duct heaters, and air curtains were pointing out the simple installation and serviceability of their new products.


Adams Manufacturing Co.( displayed its Model GH gas-fired unit heaters for residential and commercial garage applications. According to the company, the low profile design will blend inconspicuously into any garage décor. Standard power exhaust simplifies side-wall or roof venting with small-diameter vent pipe. It is said to be lightweight and installs easily from the ceiling with the two included angle brackets.

AmbiRad( introduced its new Vision radiant tube heaters. The company said these heaters use all-new radiant technology in which combustion occurs within the firing tube. The new slimline burner head provides a long, evenly distributed flame that significantly improves temperature distribution along the entire length of the heater, resulting in even wider floor coverage. On higher efficiency models, a patented recuperative heat exchanger further improves performance. The units are also said to provide quick and easy on-site assembly and installation, along with minimal annual maintenance requirements.

Berko, a Marley Engineered Products brand(, introduced its new BPH Series plenum-rated heater. It is ETL-certified for plenum and concealed space applications. Its compact, zero-clearance design is for horizontal installation. Built for concealed areas (such as suspended ceilings) in commercial buildings, plenum areas above large lobbies and foyers, and other applications, the unit is said to be service friendly.

Berko also showed its new Model PHFP25 compact freeze protection unit heater. The product weighs 26 pounds and is said to be easy to install using the stand ard hanging bracket supplied. According to the company, it is ideal for parking garage ceilings, industrial space heating, or crawl spaces.

Hazloc Heaters( showed its XEU1 explosion-proof electric air heater for hazardous locations. According to the company, these unit heaters are designed to meet United States and Canadian certification standards. They feature rugged design for industrial applications but are easily maintained. 

Ray Schaffart of Modine Manufacturing Co. said the new PTC condensing unit heater, to be available in September 2009, will have a minimum average efficiency of 93 percent

Modine Manufacturing Co.( prominently featured its new PTC condensing unit heater, to be available in September 2009 in 135,000-Btu and 210,000-Btu models. It will be the most efficient gas-fired unit heater in North America, the company proclaimed, with a minimum average efficiency of 93 percent. The ability to be vented as either two-pipe or concentric vent system provides maximum installation flexibility. It is vented with 3-inch and 4-inch PVC vent pipe for quick, simple, and cost-effective installations.

The Redd-i Division of TPI Corp.( exhibited its 60 kW through 100 kW suspended fan forced unit heater. The powder-coated heavy gauge steel cabinet and control compartment houses a master terminal board. The control compartment allows access through a hinged and latched door to simplify wiring, installation, and maintenance.

Space-Ray( displayed its new PTS/PTU Series push through low intensity infrared tube heaters using positive pressure with its patent-pending Tube Integrity Safety System (TISS) for fire safety protection. With the TISS system, an insulated wire is placed above the reflector. A low voltage circuit control continuously monitors the clearance between the reflectors and the ceiling for excessive heat and tube integrity compromise. If the heat increases due to heat exchanger failure, the wire melts, the safety circuit is broken, and the gas controls shut down.

Sterling HVAC Products, a Mestek Co.(www.sterling, presented its Model GG low profile, residential garage certified unit heater. The Garage Guy™ heater is a tubular design propeller type unit heater with single orifice burner and direct spark ignition system. It is available in seven sizes from 30 to 120 MBtuh and includes an easy-access control panel.


Heatco Inc. ( introduced its HD Series duct furnace with stainless steel tubular heat exchanger and HF Series duct furnace with stainless steel drum and tube heat exchanger. Both are designed and ETL-listed for installation in air-handling units or existing ductwork. HD control options include on/off, two-stage, and full modulation. The HF unit’s power gas burner provides 10:1 modulation.

Heatco noted that modulating systems have demonstrated energy savings of 20 percent versus on/off and stage controls. Modulation reduces stack losses, minimizes off cycle losses, and maintains nearly constant space temperatures providing comfort at lower room thermostat settings.

Heatco also showed rack-mounted duct furnaces, a packaged solution for multiple duct furnace installations. Each rack assembly includes mounted, ETL-listed duct furnaces with gas supply piping and prepiped condensate drains, ready to install.

Leading Edge, a Marley Engineered Products brand (, highlighted its new low profile air curtain. Its contemporary design complements store interiors and public facilities. The unit reduces infiltration of exterior air, fumes, dust, and insects. The patented front panel swings down for easy servicing and cleaning.

Mars Air Systems ( featured its LoPro commercial series air curtains. The lightweight, 8-inch low profile design is said to be easy to install and maintain. It provides environmental separation with a light flow of air resulting in lowered energy costs and enhanced sanitation by deterring flying insects.

Publication Date: 02/16/2009