COMPANY:Maguire Electrical, Egg Harbor Township, N.J.

INSTALLATION:Big Ass Fans - two 16-foot and two 20-foot Powerfoil ceiling fans


CUSTOMER:Atlantic City Convention Center

OBJECTIVE:Increase energy efficiency while reducing energy costs for the facility and marked improvements in year-round comfort for its visitors.

DESCRIPTION:Among a series of green initiatives at the Atlantic City Convention Center, is the installation of four Big Ass Fans ceiling fans. Boasting the largest single-roof solar power array installation in the United States, the convention center was looking for significant reductions in energy costs for the facility and considerable improvement in visitor comfort year round. According to Big Ass Fans, the four Powerfoil fans significantly reduce heating energy costs by improving air circulation and evenly distributing heated air in a large space.

“Heat recirculation via Big Ass Fans is a proven energy-saving solution and can be an important part of an organization’s overall sustainability strategy,” said Stephen Bird, Powerfoil product manager, Big Ass Fans.

“Each fan will save the convention center $20,000 per year by reducing our heating costs.”
- Janet Mitrocsak, director of facilities for the Atlantic City Convention Center

Publication date:03/09/2009