The MultiMode Control Capability has been added to the company’s line of patent-pending AltAir high volume-low speed (HVLS) industrial ceiling fans. The next generation of HVLS fans feature industry ground-breaking Variable Pitch Technology (VPT™), which enables their Rotatair™ composite blades to be adjusted 0-20 degrees, up or down, while the fan is operating, the company said. The HVLS fans are 9-15 feet in diameter; have small, highly energy-efficient motors; and are used for cooling, heat destratification, ventilation, and as alternatives to air conditioning in large facilities. The fans can be run in five different modes. Manual Mode allows the user control of the speed, pitch, and direction. In EcoMode, the fan is programmed to select the most efficient blade pitch for a given fan revolutions per minute. In DeStrat Mode, the fan turns on automatically when there is a preset temperature difference between the fan and the fan’s wall box control unit, shutting the fan off when the temperature difference is reduced to a set point. Fans run automatically at speeds and pitch that are a function of temperature differences in AutoMode. The fan can be turned on and off using external devices such as timers and thermostats in External Mode.

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