Mike Lindsay (center), training manager for Unico, conducts a session in the company’s new lab training area.

Unico recently unveiled a new 1,580-square-foot St. Louis training center to enhance contractor training. The new training area is subdivided into a classroom, lab, break area, and offices.

“The best way to ensure proper installation is training,” explained Steve Intagliata, director of training for Unico.

“With the training center on site at Unico, we now have a controlled environment and a great lab area that stimulates ‘what if’ and creative thinking in applications for the systems. We test the limits of the operation of the equipment, which contractors are reluctant to do in a home.”

Unico previously held training sessions off-site, requiring significant staff time to set up a lab environment that often varied according to what would fit the space. Lab setup and takedown also took away from the time contractors could spend in actual training.

Training managers Ted Brown (right) and Lindsay demonstrate the Unico system in the company’s new lab training area.

The company offers two levels of training at the center – Certification Product Training and Advanced Product Training. The two-day certification course is offered up to two times per month, while the three-day advanced course is offered once a month.

Both courses include lectures and hands-on training. Other training programs are available upon request.

Unico trains approximately 250 people per year in St. Louis, with an average class size of 12 students. The majority of students are contractors, but wholesalers, engineers, and architects often attend as well. Unico also offers basic training throughout the country by local Unico sales representatives and has a second training site in Las Vegas.

For more information, visit www.unicosystem.com; or contact Unico at 800-527-0896.

Publication Date:12/22/2008