The Split Package Control System (SPCS) manages HVACR equipment and provides features for improving system performance and reducing energy costs. Using a distributed methodology, the unit is designed to control evaporators, condensing units, defrost fans, and valve stations in one efficient system. The programmable evaporator defrost features, functions, and detailed temperature scheduling are used to accurately control zones automatically and provide energy savings. An RS-422 multidrop serial communications network is used to connect multiple control panels for alarm reporting, data logging, and interfacing with the PC-based monitoring system. The password-protected interface allows a PC, laptop, or other hand-held device access to system configuration, historical log viewing, graphing, report printing, and other advanced system functions. The SPCS is enclosed in a waterproof, corrosion resistant NEMA-4 enclosure. Designed for indoor or outdoor use in industrial or commercial environments, the unit includes the industrial-grade controller, temperature sensor, and a remote PC interface.

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