At the recent NAIMA duct construct workshop, instructor Pete Hays fabricates a small fitting to demonstrate how to get the most out of each piece of duct board.

A fiber glass duct board fabrication training session for local contractors, installers, and city inspectors was held recently at St. Philip’s College Department of Applied Science and Technology, San Antonio, Texas. The workshops were conducted by the North American Insulation Manufacturers Association (NAIMA) and emphasized the basics of good craftsmanship and afforded contractors the opportunity to enhance their fabrication and installation skills of fiber glass duct board systems.

“We wanted to reach out to our large HVAC contractor community to provide a refresher on duct board fabrication and promote the more advanced continuing education course taught here at St. Philip’s,” said Juan Villela, department chair of Allied Construction Trades at St. Philip’s.

The more than 160 participants were treated to a four-hour session that included hands-on demonstrations on the fabrication of a variety of duct system components. It also focused on the importance of proper closure systems, code compliance, UL ratings, equipment connections and more. Attendees who completed the workshop received a certificate of completion, and a copy of the NAIMA Fibrous Glass Duct Construction Standard.

For more information on how to bring a fiber glass duct board training program to your area, call NAIMA at 703-684-0084, or e-mail

Publication date:11/17/2008