The env software system is designed for indoor climate control optimization for residential and moderate-scale commercial buildings. It offers intelligent climate control technologies that balance indoor climate to maximize both comfort and energy efficiency. According to the manufacturer, the software’s capabilities empower homeowners and building occupants to reduce personal energy consumption and carbon dioxide emissions by calculating and maintaining settings that are an ideal balance of thermal comfort and climate system efficiency. It accounts for current environmental humidity levels and the convective and radiant heat transfer split factor, weighing them against the energy consumption rate of the human body. In this manner, the technology calculates a temperature and HVAC system output level that can simultaneously achieve optimal occupant comfort and system efficiency. The software can define individual subsystem control strategies, such as constant circulation, slab sensors, thermostat control, outdoor reset, proportional reset, and return water temperature differential for radiant systems. It also maintains a SQL Server historical database that is used to monitor, calculate, and graph performance against a wide scope of selectable parameters.

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