ARLINGTON, Va. - The Air Conditioning Contractors of America (ACCA) has released “Understanding Manual N: Commercial Load Calculation in the Real World.” It is the latest in ACCA’s “HVAC Essentials” series of self-directed computer training packages designed to make it easy to understand and apply important HVACR design principles.

Understanding Manual N is based on the new fifth edition of Manual N, which is the industry standard for sizing air conditioning systems in small commercial buildings. Using the abridged method of Manual N as a teaching tool, this five-CD set offers a solid grounding in the principles of accurate load calculation.

Taught by presenter Jack Rise, the CDs are self-directed, allowing technicians, contractors, and students to proceed at their own pace without requiring time away from work. The five CDs in the set are:

Part 1 - Definitions & Limitations

Part 2 - How Heat Moves, Human Comfort, and Fenestration

Part 3 - Opaque Panels and Internal Loads

Part 4 - Infiltration and Duct System Loads

Part 5 - Ventilation and Blower Heat

Understanding Manual N is available online at (look under New Products from ACCA or Training CDs & DVDs) or by calling 888-290-2220.

Other products in the HVAC Essentials series include “Understanding Manual J,” “Understanding Manual D,” and “Understanding Section 608.”

Publication date:09/29/2008