New products have been added to the Energy Shield Products™ line, which provide air sealing insulation that virtually eliminates leaking energy from the home and drafty attic access openings. Seal A Hatch™ is a composite fire-resistant panel produced to replace existing hatch panels to provide an insulated durable cover with an effective R-value of 13. It can be cut to fit any attic access opening up to 23.75 by 35.75 inches. Seal A Vent™ is a cut-to-fit, radiant barrier, foam insulation kit designed to insulate whole-house fan shutters on the home side with an effective R-value of 11.74. It installs in minutes with scissors or a razor knife and has a durable, paintable surface. Seal A Fan™ is a cut-to-fit, whole-house fan cover designed to attach to the attic side of the whole-house fan frame with an effective R-value of 13. A standard-size kit fits most whole-house fans with 24- and 30-inch blades; larger kits are available.

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