Green, green, green. If I had a nickel for every time I heard that word I would be better off than my current plan of investing in the stock market.

While going green is a noble endeavor - and one that HVAC contractors can cash in on - is there a limit to how green one can become? In the example of Ken Dunn, apparently not. He was recognized by the Chicago Tribune as the greenest person in Chicago.

Among other items, Dunn uses a wood-burning furnace. For the full article, click here",0,6678000.story?page=2

Dunn must be impressive because the article wrote this about the second place finisher, “The toilet is a bucket, with a 30-gallon garbage can nearby for storing human waste layered with sawdust. Vickers has a friend in the suburbs who allows him to park the cans when they fill up. The contents decompose, forming compost.

Shouldn’t green mean high technology that helps cut down on energy use, rather than a way back machine that makes us live as if we are in colonial times?