Course Title:Comfort College™

Sponsoring Organization:Arzel Zoning Technology

Date:Nov. 6-7, 2008


Course Description:The course covers zoning opportunity recognition, product familiarization, system design, and proper installation techniques. The course is NATE-certified with 10 hours of credit available for

Course Title:Applied Water System Design

Sponsoring Organization:Carrier Corp.

Date:Nov. 10-14, 2008

Location:East Syracuse, N.Y.

Course Description:The focus of this course is on designing an applied chilled-water system for a multiple-zoned commercial building. It covers various piping and pumping systems and the selection of chillers, pumps, cooling towers, and control valves. Participants learn how to zone a building when more than one building zone and air handler are served from one central chilled-water plant. In addition, they learn how initial decisions, load estimates, and equipment selection are impacted when applied water systems are used. Students learn to design dedicated ventilation systems that achieve required zone ventilation and the piping distribution system, and develop the system’s control sequence for a chilled-water system. Work sessions, computer-assisted examples, and a design project are methods used to practice the

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Publication date:09/22/2008