The patent-pending Suspension Clamp System is designed for hanging equipment and suspending loads from joists. According to the manufacturer, it is ideal for hanging support rods and suspending HVAC equipment, piping conveyors, and almost any equipment up to 2,000 pounds. It braces angles or channels against each other to provide a solid support for hanging loads. It allows complete lateral adjustment and requires no welding or specialized tools. The entire system can be conveniently relocated to meet the building’s changing needs. End Suspension Clamps anchor the ends of back-to-back angles or channels to joists. These angles or channels provide the benefit of symmetry by exerting an equal but opposite horizontal force on each other, thus effectively canceling out the horizontal force. This contributes to less bending stress, and therefore the angles or channels can support a higher concentrated load. Midspan Suspension Clamps are adjustable anywhere along the angle or channel span to hang objects such as ceiling fixtures, conveyors, or HVAC equipment from threaded rods. Suspension Clamp Systems can be combined with Bridging Clamp Systems for increased flexibility in load or suspension placement.

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