Cliplight recently introduced its HVACR Training Video Series of six service training videos, now available free online. The company said the four-minute streaming videos are accessible with all computer equipment formats and operating systems. The videos are:

• “How to Pull a Vacuum,” using proper techniques and a micron gauge, versus standard gauges during evacuations;

• “Using a Valve Core Remover to Expedite Refrigerant Recovery & Charging,” which are procedures during refrigeration service;

• “Using UV Dyes and Lights to Detect Refrigerant Leaks,” through the use of dye injection and ultraviolet light detection;

• “When, Where, and How to Use Refrigeration System Sealants,” which is a video handbook on how to use today’s high-tech sealants to stop phantom or inaccessible refrigerant leaks;

• “Discharging a Super Seal Can Completely,” designed for service technicians that want to fully empty a can of Super Seal into a refrigeration system; and

• “Today’s New LED Task Lights,” and how new rechargeable portable LED work light technology offers advantages versus conventional flashlight and extension cord lighting.

To get free videos online, go to To purchase the video series as a DVD or videotape, contact Cliplight at 866-548-3644.

Publication Date:09/15/2008