The Edge® thermostat is an HVAC system user interface that can control an air conditioning or heat pump system. The Edge thermostat can also provide humidity and dehumidification control, simplified ventilation or damper control, control of a programmable fan, and is RC/RH compatible. It is available with outdoor air temperature option and remote room sensor option. The unit’s square shape provides flexibility to fit over either vertical or horizontal footprint of junction boxes with no need for transitions. When available ExP technology is included, dealers can program the thermostat using a laptop computer. The ExP card can be used over again at each install, saving the dealer time in programming the thermostat. The thermostat is 0.8 inches when installed unstacked. The standard faceplate is silver; optional interchangeable faceplates are available in onyx, saddlebrush, natural woodgrain, gold luster, espresso, and quartz.

Carrier Corp.