WASHINGTON - ConsensusDOCS has released a Building Information Modeling (BIM) Addendum which it says marks a significant step forward in utilizing BIM as a collaborative tool. The ConsensusDOCS 301 BIM Addendum is the first industry standard document to globally address the legal uncertainties associated with utilizing BIM.

BIM is the process of generating and managing computerized, multi-dimensional models linked to databases that house the design specifications, schedules, and other documents related to a construction project. BIM provides all parties involved on a project with shared, up-to-date project data, allowing for an improved design process, increased budget control through predictions about the project’s construction process, and fewer surprises with respect to potential design and scheduling conflicts among trades.

“The BIM Addendum shows that there is actually less legal risk in moving from the 2-D world to the 3-D world,” said Richard Lowe of Duane Morris LLP, who chaired both the ConsensusDOCS BIM Taskforce and the AGC BIM Forum Legal Subcommittee. “Introducing the ConsensusDOCS 301 BIM Addendum does much to allay these fears, by providing a balanced, fair, and practical way for all in the industry to proceed with a project using BIM. Now, hesitating to act may actually pose a greater legal risk.”

ConsensusDOCS, an industry-wide collaboration of now 22 leading construction associations, is dedicated to publishing best practice contracts that allocate risk fairly among all parties. ConsensusDOCS published the construction industry’s first consensus standard contracts and forms on Sept. 28, 2007. The BIM Addendum is the first addition to the ConsensusDOCS’ catalog of contracts and forms.

BIM promises a more streamlined, less expensive, and less conflict-ridden process through early clash detection of designs that contain two items taking up the same space, virtual tours of a building not yet built, virtual code compliance-checking, and many simulations, including construction sequencing, energy use, and security analyses. The BIM Addendum is expected to serve as a catalyst to accelerate the pace of acceptance of BIM in many sectors of the industry.

For more information, visit www.consensusdocs.org.

Publication date:07/14/2008