The Art Cool Inverter Series, used for residential and light commercial applications, provides single zone, high wall, duct free cooling and heating for spaces lacking ductwork, such as sun rooms, basements, computer server rooms, garages, restaurants, hotels, etc. This mini split heat pump inverter operates using R-410A refrigerant and comes in three sizes - 0.75-, 1.5-, and 2-tons. The four-stage system features a large, permanent filter and an electronic air purifier that captures microscopic contaminants and helps remove unpleasant odors. The indoor coil is self-cleaning and the high speed cooling operates at high speed for up to 30 minutes to quickly cool a room down to 64°F. The unit operates at 19.7 SEER and has an optional wall mounted wireless remote. The units have the option to change the front panel from Standard Mirror to Organic Cream White, Art Flower Gold, or Snow Flower White. No ductwork or sheet metal is required.

LG Electronics USA
CAC - Commercial Air Conditioning