mini-split heat pumpA new Halcyon split-system heat pump line has equipment that achieves up to 27.2 SEER. The RLS2 line of heat pumps offers 9-, 12-, and 15,000-Btu models with a newly designed chassis and the ESP energy saving program. The 9RLS2 offers an HSPF of 12.5, a SEER of 27.2, and an EER of 16.1. The 12RLS2 offers an HSPF of 12, a SEER of 25, and an EER of 13.8. The 15RLS2 offers an HSPF of 12, a SEER of 21.5, and an EER of 12. The heat pump’s heating mode is operational with outdoor ambient temperatures down to -5˚F, producing 75 percent or more of the system’s rated capacity. The system produces 100 percent of heating capacity down to 20°. If occupants leave the room without turning it off, ESP knows that they left and, 20 minutes later, temperature is increased by 4˚ when cooling and reduced by 8˚ when heating. When they return, the system returns to the previous operating mode. The RLS2 line features a sleek front panel that covers the louvers and LED lights when it is not in use.

Fujitsu General America Inc.

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