In an effort to protect and enhance independent HVACR contractors in Illinois, the new HVACR Illinois State Association (HISA) has been formed. One of HISA’s primary focuses is to form an effective lobbying presence in Illinois’ legislative matters that affect HVACR contractors and their businesses.

“To date, there has not been one unified association to protect all aspects of an HVACR contractor’s business here in Illinois,” said Chris Colditz of Laco Mechanical, and president of HISA. “Because HVACR crosses so many areas and systems of a structure, a contractor’s business can be legally exposed in a variety of ways. One of our primary goals in forming HISA is to keep tabs on as many of these exposures as possible and provide, as best we can, the lobbying support in Springfield and throughout the state to make sure HVACR contractor interests are considered in any legislative decisions affecting them.”

Because legislative lobbying is an expensive proposition, Colditz emphasized the need for all HVACR and related trade contractors to join and participate in HISA. “No one contractor could hope to make an impact individually on the legislative front,” she said. “While many may be members of other organizations that do have a significant presence in Springfield, HISA aims to bring all HVACR contractors together into a strong, unified presence that legislators will recognize as the representative for the HVACR industry at large in Illinois.”

In November, HISA plans to make its first trip to Springfield to introduce the organization to Illinois legislators.

In addition to support in Springfield, HISA hopes to support contractors and their businesses through education and social/networking events. HISA monthly meetings will be held at Charlie’s Charhouse, 1180 W. Devon Ave., Elk Grove Village, cash bar from 6 to 7 p.m., dinner at 7 p.m. Scheduled events include:

• Wednesday, Sept. 10 - Topic: Human Resource Hiring & Firing Issues

• Wednesday, Oct. 8 - Topic: E-Myth Business Coaching

• November (to be announced) - Topic: HVACR State Licensing; trip to Springfield

• Friday, Dec. 12 - HISA Holiday Dinner (location and time to be announced)

Membership is open to all HVACR contractors in Illinois and membership fees have been set at $350 per year.

For more information on HISA membership and programs, contact Bill Semitekol, executive director, HVACR Illinois State Association, 847-514-9824 or 847-781-8801. Or visit the association Website at

Publication date:08/04/2008