The Tool Lifter, Model LFT-T-1, is designed to work with the Box Lifter; both are incorporated into the Liftworx Systems to make a complete lifting system. The Tool Lifter is designed to hook up to handles and nonflat surfaces. The worker sets out his lifters to attach to the applicable loads. Tool Lifters are hooked up to the tools or non-flat surfaces, including tool buckets, vacuum pumps, recovery machines, torch sets, and refrigerant jugs. The lifter is placed flat on the ground. The worker then climbs to the upper level with only his custom-made rope assembly. He lowers the bobber on the end of the rope assembly, easily hooks an individual load, and pulls each up to the roof, repeating this until all loads are on the roof. The worker can now use the lifter assemblies as handles to carry items across the roof. When the job is complete, the worker repeats the process and lowers loads one at a time.

Tradeworx Products Inc.