The digital gauges automatically perform pressure temperature calculations and are compatible with numerous manifolds and support multiple refrigerants. Both low-pressure (0-250 psi) and high-pressure (0-500 psi) gauges are compact, have easy-to-read backlit displays, and built-in pressure/temperature charts. The digital gauges, when utilized with an A/C service manifold, can be used on a variety of residential and commercial HVAC applications. The digital gauges support up to 17 different refrigerants with internal pressure-temperature charts for each, making the product extremely flexible in terms of the number of applications it can be used to service. These new digital gauges serve as an intermediary step between traditional mechanical gauges and the much more expensive system analyzers. They provide all the relevant information technicians need; pressure and temperature right on the gauge in large, easy-to-read numbers aiding techs to execute their system performance service.

SPX Corp.