BuildingAdvice is a Web-enabled system of networked sensors and software to quickly rate the energy performance of commercial buildings, identify opportunities for reducing energy costs and improving the efficiency of HVAC systems, and accurately calculating the return on investment for proposed energy conservation measures. The system uses portable, multisensor monitors that are temporarily deployed in a building for the analysis period, typically lasting about a week. The sensors communicate via a ZigBee wireless network to a central communication gateway, where the data is collected and automatically transmitted to the building assement server via a cellular phone call. The sensors are completely independent of the building management system. Once collected, the data can be viewed remotely on the BuildingAdvice Website, and can be analyzed by the energy model generation software. The software automatically analyzes the data inputs and generates a performance profile for the building that is calibrated to actual electricity and gas usage, the actual weather corresponding to the utility bills, and the real-time sensor measurements taken from the building. Comfort issues and opportunities to save energy are automatically highlighted. The results of the analysis are summarized in an easy-to-understand report ready for customer presentation.

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