The “AirAdvice State of Our Indoor Air Report 2007” analyzes 49,130 IAQ tests conducted in homes across North America, in cooperation with a network of more than 1,500 HVAC professionals. The tests were conducted over a 34-month period, March 2004-December 2006 and tested for six indoor air problem types: particle allergens, chemical pollutants (volatile organic compounds), temperature, humidity, carbon dioxide, and carbon monoxide. In addition to providing information on the nature, frequency, and severity of IAQ problems in homes, the report offers tips and guidelines for homeowners. According to the company, the report can help make people aware of how prevalent IAQ problems are and how they affect them; how uncovering and resolving IAQ problems creates a healthier, more comfortable indoor environment; and how to cut energy costs. The 28-page report is available for download.

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