Metasys® building management system by Johnson Controls Inc. now supports end-to-end wireless building infrastructure using the ZigBee™ Field Bus Router System.

The Metasys® updated building management system (BMS) now supports end-to-end wireless building infrastructure, includes new software features, and has an enhanced user interface. It integrates building systems and equipment to provide centralized monitoring and control and a high degree of automation. It organizes and interprets events, audits, and other critical data. The BMS allows monitoring and control from any Web-enabled device. The new Metasys release supports end-to-end wireless monitoring and control using the ZigBee™ Field Bus Router System. Components can communicate wirelessly without added hardware. The BMS’ software offers expanded summary and detailed trend reports. Users have access to an unlimited number of events and audits. The command menu displays commonly used commands. Less common, more complex commands appear in an advanced menu. Commands that do not apply in a given application do not appear.

Johnson Controls Co., Milwaukee, WI;

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