The capabilities of the Metasys® building management system (BMS) have been expanded. Now, the Metasys BACnet-enabled field gear has BACnet Testing Laboratories (BTL) certification of interoperability. This certification confirms interoperability of the BMS and components - sensors, thermostat controllers, field equipment controllers, etc. - with other BACnet devices by other manufacturers. Another enhancement is the Network Control Engine (NCE), which combines an IP-based supervisory controller with an adaptive, self-tuning direct digital controller, and includes a Web-based user interface. Each NCE allows enterprise-level supervision of one integral field controller and 32 additional field controllers. The enhanced field equipment controllers have optional integrated displays for monitoring and control in the field. The software has expanded energy management features, including expanded support for demand limiting and load rolling.

Johnson Controls Co., Milwaukee, WI;

eProduct 186