DUNKIRK, N.Y. - Econoburn’s wood gasification boilers have earned the Energy Star rating for energy efficiency.

“We are very pleased that our boilers have earned approval for the Energy Star label,” said company president William Raines. “The designation reflects the EPA’s independent assessment that the Econoburn boiler saves energy.

“Wood is a renewable resource and the gasification process is both environmentally friendly and energy efficient. Those benefits are very attractive to the many home and business owners considering the use of wood as fuel for heating or hot water.”

Econoburn units range in size from 100,000 to 1 million Btu for use as either a primary heat source or to supplement one that already exists. The boilers are said to be adaptable to both hot water and forced air heating systems, and the company offers accessory products for swimming pools and hot tubs along with heat exchanger fans for industrial buildings.

Traditional wood furnaces, Raines stated, lose a significant amount of heat up the chimney, which also results in the release of air polluting greenhouse gases. The gasification process, he explained, captures then reignites flue gases in the combustion chamber resulting in a heating efficiency nearing 90 percent. With virtually no exhaust gases, the Econoburn boilers also minimize emissions.

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Publication date:06/30/2008