ST. LOUIS - Emerson Industrial Automation has announced the release of its new online Browning® V-belt efficiency calculator, which allows users to calculate projected energy savings from switching to a notched V-belt. The company said that by entering a few key usage data points - including geographic location and motor horsepower, as well as days and hours per week - users can instantly calculate the estimated savings potential of upgrading from a wrapped to a notched V-belt.

According to Emerson, by maintaining an appropriate belt-drive tension, and assuming certain standard design and maintenance criteria, wrapped V-belts can achieve up to 95 percent efficiency, while notched V-belts can achieve about 98 percent efficiency.

Power Transmission Solutions, a division of Emerson Industrial Automation, created the Browning V-belt efficiency calculator. It is said to be a first-of-its-kind online resource incorporating several operating parameters that help quantify payback and improve energy efficiency in business-critical applications.

“Emerson Industrial Automation has developed a valuable tool ideal for facility managers, maintenance technicians, and business owners to capture potential energy savings and improve return on investment. We are committed to creating innovative solutions that help our customers reduce energy consumption and costs, while embracing energy responsibility,” said Don Sullivan, senior product manager, Browning Brand V-belt drives.

For additional information or to test the calculator, log in to EPT EDGE® Online at and access the Energy Savings/Belt Efficiency Calculator under the Product Information category.

Publication date:02/15/2010