The OAFE-1500 is an Air Movement and Control Association International- (AMCA-) certified outdoor airflow measurement system with ±0.5 percent accuracy through the velocity range of 200-1,200 fpm and ±5 percent at 100 fpm. The airflow measurement station consists of multiple airflow elements, factory mounted and pre-piped in a casing designed for flanged connection to ductwork, control dampers, louvers, etc. The airflow measurement station is constructed to comply with ASHRAE Standard 111 for equal area traversing of an airflow measurement plane. The integral signal processor features 20-bit (1,048,576 steps) A/D and 12-bit (4,096 steps) D/A signal conversion resolution and 12-point linearization. The signal processor accepts a temperature input signal for air temperature indication, temperature signal transmission for remote readout, and air density compensation for standard or actual airflow calculations. A six-button touch pad and password-protected menu provide field configuration of engineering units, process noise filtering, operating range, alarm set points, etc.

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