SAN RAMON, Calif. - The ZigBee Alliance has announced the official certification of 19 products using the ZigBee® Smart Energy public application profile. This first group of products provides a range of services designed to help utility companies implement new home area networks for managing energy, help consumers improve their own energy efficiency, and deliver multi-vendor product interoperability.

The ZigBee Smart Energy products include thermostats, displays, meters, load controllers, and energy services portals. Some of the products are:

• Computime Limited - CTW200 is a thermostat that monitors, controls, and displays energy consumption and rate information while supporting all standard HVAC systems and two-stage heat pumps.

• Computime Limited - CTW300 is an in-home display with a large dot matrix screen for users to monitor energy rate and consumption information in residences.

• Comverge™ - DCU™ offers a range of functionality, from individual addressing to adaptive algorithms, and is compatible with popular air conditioning units, water heaters, pool pumps, and other auxiliary appliances.

• Comverge - SuperStat® is a smart thermostat offering both utilities and end users programmable and energy efficient control that operates with popular HVAC systems while offering Web-based features.

• Greenbox Technology - Greenbox™ is a Web-based interactive energy management platform designed to enable households to better understand and manage their energy and water usage.

• PRI - Home Energy Controller monitors and displays electricity and gas consumption from any meter and provides cost information on a customer-friendly display.

• Trilliant™ - SecureMesh™ Micro Access Portal can be embedded in any end-point device including thermostats, in-home displays, appliance controllers, or meters and is part of the Trilliant SecureMesh AMI network.

ZigBee Smart Energy is designed to allow wireless communication between utility companies and common household devices such as smart thermostats and appliances. It improves energy efficiency by allowing consumers to manage their energy consumption more precisely using automation and near real-time information while having the ability to choose from a number of companies supplying interoperable products. It also helps utility companies implement new advanced metering and demand response programs.

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Publication date:05/26/2008