Spectrum™ Mobile is a new module for the Spectrum™ construction software that enables field supervisors to submit daily field reports to the main office quickly, easily, and accurately, says the manufacturer. Spectrum Mobile eliminates the practice of filling out paper time cards in the field and re-entering that data into Spectrum’s payroll system. Instead, supervisors enter labor, materials, and other information directly into a mobile device or laptop, and the data flows to payroll for processing. This saves time, reduces errors, and provides data to the main office in a timely manner. Field supervisors have the option to use a rugged, handheld PDA or laptop computer to transmit time card, material, and other daily field information to the office. Spectrum Mobile consists of a PC server application and client software running on Microsoft® Windows Mobile handheld remote devices, laptops, or PC workstations. The system can be set up using a wireless network or WAN (Verizon, AT&T) for rapid data delivery, or with batch communications.

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