LONDON - Honeywell was selected by the Greater London Authority (GLA) for a building retrofit program that will increase energy efficiency in city facilities and cut carbon emissions, said the company. London is the first C40 city in the world to launch a comprehensive program under the Clinton Climate Initiative (CCI).

“Today marks the start of the transformation of London’s buildings from the major source of carbon emissions in the city, to a beacon of modern, low-carbon efficiency,” said London Mayor Ken Livingstone. “Honeywell is an acknowledged world leader in its field, and I am pleased to be working with the company to deliver this exciting low carbon building program.”

As part of the GLA program, Honeywell will conduct a detailed analysis of 22 Transport for London (TfL) buildings and identify areas for energy-efficient improvements. The company will present the findings to the GLA and TfL, which will then select the proposals that meet their carbon emission reduction and payback requirements, awarding performance contracts to Honeywell to implement energy conservation measures in the chosen facilities. Typical projects include HVAC, mechanical, lighting, and building automation systems upgrades.

The performance contracts will allow GLA to pay for the facility improvements and upgrades through the energy savings generated. Honeywell guarantees the savings so the work will not affect operating budgets or require additional taxpayer funding.

Honeywell anticipates that the potential carbon emission savings from work at the TfL facilities alone would be equivalent to taking more than 450 cars off the road.

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Publication date:03/17/2008