Daikin’s new integrated air conditioning system is set to revolutionize the aesthetics of many commercial buildings in high streets throughout London and the U.K. For the first time, Daikin’s VRV IV i-Series was installed by mechanical and electrical contractor Synecore at Leon Restaurant in Fenchurch Street, London.

Air conditioning systems most commonly require an outside space, either an alleyway or rooftop, to accommodate the bulky condenser unit, but Daikin has created a unique system that is entirely installed indoors with only simple grilles visible from the outside, which can be discretely disguised within the existing architecture or by using signage.

Synecore recently installed this all-new patented system for its long-standing client Leon, a healthy, fast-food restaurant chain. Synecore has provided HVAC design and installation for Leon sites for several years, with the majority of the projects taking place across London, where outside space is at a premium.

Thanks to the Daikin VRV IV i-Series’ unobtrusive design and low operating sound, the new Leon site in Fenchurch Street was able to open sooner.

Not only is the new Daikin integrated system quiet and aesthetically pleasing, it is also easy to install and cost-effective, as the unit is split into two elements, the heat exchanger and compressor.

The heat exchanger is integrated within the ceiling and includes an outside vent. Its V-shaped heat exchanger and high-performance fan combination offers exceptional airflow and static pressure, thus resulting in highly efficient performance. The compressor element is compact and can be installed within an office, storage room, kitchen, or technical area. 

“To be able to install such a discrete and highly efficient air conditioning system will hugely benefit many high street retailers across the U.K., particularly those in London, where sourcing outside space for a condenser can be challenging,” explained Gary Piper, HVAC manager, Synecore.

“Daikin’s strapline for this product is ‘Keep looking, you’ll never find me,’ which is entirely appropriate. At Leon Fenchurch Street, you will not visibly see any sign of the air conditioning system on the exterior of the building, as it is concealed by a glass canopy.

“Inside, the units could have been disguised fully; however, Leon reps preferred the industrial exposed look of the pipework and utilities. For Daikin, this is a fantastic opportunity to show how the units look when installed, as you can see the neat heat exchanger units positioned above the front door and in the kitchen area.”

Being installed inside and within two parts means the amount of pipe work is lessened as there is no requirement for a crane for rooftop installation or costly sound insulation.

The Daikin VRV IV i-Series can connect up to 10 indoor air conditioning units (concealed-ceiling, wall-mounted, and floor-standing indoor units; cassettes; or air curtains). Synecore connected two 5-horsepower (hp) i-VRV systems — one to serve the restaurant area and one in the kitchen. The compressor was neatly installed in a cupboard under the stairs and completely out of site.

The client, too, was delighted with the installation.

“In all our developments, we look to include innovative and space-saving solutions whenever possible,” said Lob Tang, head of property for Leon Restaurants. “So, when Synecore approached us with the latest integrated HVAC technology by Daikin, there seemed no reason not to try it in our new Fenchurch Street branch.

“With an unobtrusive external plant, the site was up and running far quicker than expected. This is great for companies like Leon, which have a rigorous development schedule. I firmly believe it could be the ideal HVAC solution for many restaurants and retailers in the future, particularly in urban areas.”

Not only is this system much more aesthetically pleasing and practical for retail developments, but it’s also simple to install and provides fantastic overall efficiency to keep those energy bills down.

As for maintenance, every element is easy to access and the time necessary will not differ from the time it takes to service a conventional air conditioning system.

“It was an honor to install this all-new Daikin VRV IV i-Series. There is no doubt that I would recommend this system to clients looking for a space-saving solution for their property’s air conditioning and heating in the future,” concluded Piper.

Information courtesy of Camilla Parsons, marketing manager, Synecore. Contact her at camilla@synecore.co.uk or visit www.synecore.co.uk.

Publication date: 11/21/2016


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